Juist (Summer Adventure #2)

Back in Norderney, one day I took a ferry to a nearby island called Juist. Which is a little bit larger (16Km) but narrower (about 500 to 700 meters wide) island. You can literally walk from one side to the other of the island in barely 5 minutes at a slow pace.

The interesting thing about it, is that cars are not allowed and almost everybody goes either by bike or on foot or they ride horses. It looks pretty similar to Norderney although it’s flatter and maybe a little bit greener and sure it’s more peaceful.

The only thing I would’ve liked to is to stay one more day and photograph it in a rainy day, but I was lucky enough to have a beautiful and hot sunny day.

The photos I took there were entirely shot with the fuji X100.

Joan Ollé140829-2 Joan Ollé140829 Joan Ollé140829-17 Joan Ollé140829-16  Joan Ollé140829-3 Joan Ollé140829-15

Joan Ollé140829-14

Joan Ollé140829-5 Joan Ollé140829-4

Joan Ollé140829-12 Joan Ollé140829-6

Joan Ollé140829-10

Joan Ollé140829-9

Joan Ollé140829-13

Joan Ollé140829-11

Joan Ollé140829-7

Joan Ollé140829-8


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