Norderney (or The Adventure of this summer).

After a few days of finishing uni, a sudden proposal arrived: Do you want to leave in 5 days to Germany until September and spend the whole summer there working? I must admit that at first I was shocked. Where? What? Why? Yes?

Had only one day to decide and I think the answer was pretty clear from the beginning: Yes!

So I’ve spent the last two months working and living in a little island in the north of Germany called Norderney. A 12km long and barely 1.5km wide island with only one really small town. Which if I have to admit never heard of before nor have I seen anything from it. And I decided to keep it that way, not looking for any information nor photos of the place before going there, I wanted to be surprised and amazed by it and approach the experience as an opportunity for a photographic journey.

It’s been almost 2 months full of feelings, a wide variety of emotions and loads of film. Although in today’s post I show you the photos taken with the Fuji X100, actually the only digital camera I shoot as I almost shoot entirely on film right now.



Joan Ollé140802-3 Joan Ollé140725

Joan Ollé140811-2 Joan Ollé140811

Joan Ollé140809 Joan Ollé140802

Joan Ollé140803-3

Joan Ollé140826-6 Joan Ollé140826-5

Joan Ollé140827-2 Joan Ollé140827


Joan Ollé140803 Joan Ollé140817-2

Joan Ollé140817-4 Joan Ollé140817-5

Joan Ollé140817-6 Joan Ollé140817-7

Joan Ollé140817-8

Joan Ollé140819-3

Joan Ollé140819-4 Joan Ollé140819

Joan Ollé140815-2 Joan Ollé140815

Joan Ollé140821-2 Joan Ollé140821

Joan Ollé140824 Joan Ollé140820-6


Joan Ollé140820-2 Joan Ollé140820

Joan Ollé140820-5 Joan Ollé140817


Joan Ollé140826-4 Joan Ollé140826

Joan Ollé140826-3  Joan Ollé140826-2







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